Today I am excited to share a conversation with Jennifer Dukes Lee. The first time I met Jennifer I felt like I met a sister. Someone I loved, and whose heart was both honest and free. In this conversation, Jennifer shares why she wrote “It’s All Under Control.” She helps us live free as we let go, loosen our grip, and admit that we can’t do it all — nor should we. ~ Suzie

It’s all under control, or is it?

Jennifer Dukes Lee never thought she struggled with control. As long as everything went exactly the way she wanted it to, she was totally flexible.

But then Jennifer discovered what happens when you try to wrap your arms around everything, thinking it’s all on you: You get burned out on hustle. You toss and turn more at night, and you laugh less during the day.

You’re so busy—caring, serving, working, and trying so hard—that you can’t even hear God’s voice anymore. It’s All Under Control is a book for every woman who is hanging on tight and trying to get each day right—yet finding that life often feels out of control and chaotic.


In this conversation, Jennifer assures us that we can:

  • Overcome the anxieties and worries that burden our heart
  • Prioritize our busy life so we can make choices that align with God’s best for us
  • Find freedom through a new “Do, Delegate, or Dismiss” approach to daily tasks
  • Let go of what God has not asked us to do, so we can shine at what he has

Listen to this conversation. If you can’t access it here, then take a listen on YouTube.

Jennifer’s publisher has agreed to give away one copy of this gorgeous, helpful book to one of you! Just check out the question below. Share your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this topic.

Are we willing to let go, let loose, and live free in this area?

I am. Let’s do this!


Q: Why do you think we fall into the trap of trying to do it all, fix it all, be all? 

Please check out my friend, Jennifer Dukes Lee.

I know you’ll love her as much as I do.

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