Christmas is coming, and some are struggling with that

I sat with a group of women the other day and they shared their plans for Christmas. Some of them dreaded the days ahead. There are a lot of expectations and family struggles that crop up during this time.

This was a reality for me years ago too, and I determined that I wanted things to be different for my own grown children.  

A year ago I wrote a blog post titled, “How not to make your grown kids hate Christmas.” The response  nearly broke our server. We had well over 50,000 people visit on one day, and then another 50,000 visited in the days after. It was shared with over 100,000 others on social media.

Do you what that told me?

This is a conversation we need to have. Every single year.

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So, here we are

It’s just a week away from Christmas. I hope you’ll read the original post, but I’d love to share a Part 2 with you today. 

This is for that woman who has all kinds of expectations for Christmas, and yet you fear it won’t work out like you hope. You want Christmas to be good for your grown children, but you aren’t sure what to do.

Starting tomorrow, I want to challenge each of us to shift the focus from what Christmas “should” be to what it can be.

Something new. Something flexible. Something fun. Something good.

It begins with asking others what they love about Christmas, and being open to celebrating in a new way or weaving it in with your traditions. (You might love it, if not you get points for being flexible.)

It’s spending time loving others through serving, and loving God by spending time with him. It’s releasing the need to have perfect pictures, or perfect anything.

I made a printable just for you. Put it somewhere where no one else will see it. This is between you and God. For the next five days, do these things. Let me know how it goes. I’ll be doing it with you. I’ll be praying for you.

Merry almost Christmas, friend.


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