Some days I see someone I care about getting pulled into drama. . .

. . . and I want to come alongside and whisper, “Watch out, sweet friend! That’s a trap.”

The reality is that drama is all around us. People are ready to share their opinion or point a finger, or say those words designed to raise the hair on the back of your head so you’ll jump into the fray. And sometimes we take that invitation and jump in with both feet, and hate it afterward.

But this is our truth: We are never powerless. We are never at the mercy of drama.

The Spirit lives inside of us and we have access to wisdom, discernment, and faith that is bigger than our feelings, rather than being yanked to and fro by drama.

There are two kinds of drama.

One is what I just described, but the second is when uninvited drama creeps into your personal space. Someone close to you makes a wrong decision, and now it impacts you. Or two people close to you are fighting, and they ask you to choose.

Whatever uninvited drama looks like for you, those same gifts live inside of you to help. You may not be able to make the drama go away, but with God’s help, you can navigate uninvited drama in a way that it doesn’t get to be the boss of you, your family, or your heart.

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Want to take this deeper?

I’m SO excited! My amazing friends, Holley Gerth and Jennifer Watson and I have launched a weekly podcast.

In our brand new More Than Small Talk weekly podcast launched just today, we share an honest conversation about what we hope will be different in the new year.

My answer was that I would like drama to play less a role in my life in the next 12 months. I also shared some things that are helping me in this battle:

  • Give drama less control by taking control of social media
  • Take the focus off what is bad to see what is good
  • There is power in the delete key (we aren’t required to read, answer, or respond)
  • Don’t let drama keep you from your destiny

Differentiate between drama and being a world changer

This doesn’t mean that we put our head in the sand and pretend that things aren’t messy. Instead, it shifts us from jumping into the drama and stirring it up to asking God these questions:

  • Is there an assignment for me in this?
  • God, what do you want to happen?

If there’s something God is asking you to do, like pray or take tangible action, or to reach out and encourage, give, serve, or love another human being, then do that.

If there’s not an assignment for you, keep going. There’s work for you ahead. His call on your life hasn’t changed. It still matters. Don’t let drama keep you from discovering all the good God wants to do in and through you. K


Join real-life friends, Holley Gerth, Suzanne (Suzie) Eller, and Jennifer Watson on the brand new weekly KLRC Podcast Network, More Than Small Talk.

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