I identify with Peter the apostle more than any other. If Jesus was walking on the water toward me, I’d jump out of the boat. When I sense that Jesus is asking me to do anything big, I immediately wonder what’s next.

How can I plan? What is the next step? I pull out my journal and I start dreaming. I know this is the way God wired me. The good in that is that I am not afraid to dream big. The challenge in that is when days, weeks, and even years pass and it hasn’t happened.

Our human nature is to either think we heard wrong, or maybe we did something wrong.

But what if the waiting is part of the plan?

It was for Joseph. It was for Noah. It was for Hannah and so many others. When we look back we see how the waiting prepared Joseph to lead. We see how waiting allowed Noah to build something that would hold through the storms. Hannah’s faith and prayers were instrumental.

We can also see how trying to make it happen in our own time can be disastrous. Sarah and Abraham were so frustrated with the timing of God’s promise that they made their own plan. God was faithful, but they threw a kink in the plan with ramifications that spanned generations.

In today’s More Than Small Talk podcast, Holley, Jennifer, and I honestly talk about the things that trip us up in our relationship with God. It’s the stuff that makes it hard sometimes. For me, it’s waiting even though I know that waiting is often where God does his best work in me.

If God said “go” and you are in a waiting season, these are things that help me in those hard places.

Live where you live. . .

This simply means to appreciate where you are. Look for the assignments around you. Notice the people in front of you. Ask God what he’s trying to show you in this waiting part of the plan.

Take your eyes off the finish line

Take your eyes off the finish line to see the miracles taking place in you. God often works in you before working through you. It’s all part of the plan. The start line. The running with wind in your hair. The waiting. The falls. Getting back up. These count too.

If God says “go” and there’s a waiting season, that isn’t a no on his part. He may be doing his greatest work in you before working through you. #livingfreetogether


If you sense that you are waiting and it’s not because you’re supposed to, ask the Lord. The answer may be, “Take that scary step.” There’s no guarantee that you won’t fall or fail. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a failure. Instead, it’s a journey of faith and discovery.

Are you in a waiting season?

Share one thing that you believe God is doing in you while you wait, or tell us one fear you have about stepping “out of the boat.”

And if you want to take this deeper with me, Holley, and Jennifer, check out today’s More Than Small Talk podcast. The conversation is pretty raw and vulnerable, but I believe there’s value in talking about these things. Don’t you?

You can find it on iTunes, KLRC.com, and on any of your favorite podcast apps.

When God says go and nothing happens, it may feel like a “no.” That’s not true. If he spoke it, the plan has already started. His timing is perfect. Don’t take it into your own hands, but ask him for the next step. If it’s “trust me,” do that for he’s doing something beautiful in you.


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