I’m not strong all the time. In fact, there are areas where I’m weak. Like geography. Like dancing (I’m so awkward). Like patience.

And yet I’m still a strong woman.

I dance in my living room all the time. I have my own particular hip sway that makes my littles giggle. I love travel and experiencing new cultures, but I’m okay with the fact that I can’t name every country.

And patience? That’s an area where God has brought me a long, long way. It doesn’t come natural, but he is supernaturally doing a work in me.

Listen, no one person is strong in everything all the time. When we require that of ourselves or others, it’s exhausting. And if we were all strong in every area we wouldn’t need each other. When we acknowledge that we aren’t strong in every area, we give ourselves permission to delight in those strengths that God naturally placed in us. We can learn and grow in those areas where we are weaker.

We can also delight in the strengths of others.

I threw away my Superwoman cape a long time ago but I’m still strong — not because of what I can do, or who I am, or how many countries I can name — but because of the Spirit inside of me.

And so are you.

In today’s episode of More Than Small Talk podcast, Holley and Jennifer and I answer a confession question about this very topic. The four things that stood out to me as we went deep was:

  • Turning to God in our weakness is strength
  • God has uniquely gifted us
  • We are stronger together
  • It’s okay to ask for help

I hope you’ll join our growing community of friends listening to the podcast. I’d also love to hear about your strength and how you lean in to the Lord in those areas that are weaker.

And if geography is your strength, tell me how many countries you can list. Ready, set, go!


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