The book of Amos is not an easy read because it shows a side of God we don’t often talk about. Within the pages, it’s clear that God is frustrated with his people.

They think he is distant. He is near. They think he wants rituals and tradition. He longs for communion. They think he cares about a public display of religion, while he calls them out over and over for their unfair treatment of the needy and their lack of justice

God cares about how we treat him — and how we treat others.

Three years ago I was in a place of absolute cynicism. It felt like the world was a mess. I sensed him leading me away from looking at all that was wrong with the world, to lean into what was good. That’s when the LFT Compassion projects were birthed.

In the last three years, with the help of friends just like you, we wrapped around a prison ministry, bringing in books for the entire population of beautiful women in that prison. We came alongside women in India who were considered “untouchable,” and sponsored year-long literacy classes so these women could learn to read for the first time. We raised funds for a ministry to once-exploited women, so they could work with dignity.

Today I’m excited to announce our 2019 COMPASSION project. We are raising $5000 to bring much-needed dental care to refugee women, children, and families living in the U.S.

Someone asked me the other day why we chose refugee families.

When I think about those who fled their homes due to persecution and violence, this is an easy choice.

When I think about how they gave up everything familiar so their babies can be safe, it’s an easy choice.

When I think about families who have lived in refugee camps for years while going through the governmental process to legally live in the states, I think about the heart of God. . .

Do you know what I want? I want justice — oceans of it. I want fairness — rivers of it.

Will you consider joining me in this COMPASSION project?

Our goal is to raise $5000 for much-needed dental care for refugee women, children, and families. When you’ve fled for safety or lived in refugee camps for years, dental care is simply not an option.

I’d love for you to pray about giving. I’d love for you to pray for these families and for the staff of CanopyNWA who are in the trenches of ministry.

How do you do it? Simply click here to find out more. Your donation is tax-deductible. Every cent goes toward this #brightsmilesbrightfuture project.

And my prayer is that you’ll feel the same joy I do as we lean into the heart of God together.


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