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Sometimes we just don’t know what is true.

  • We see it on social media and we wonder. . .
  • We hear it in a sermon and we wonder. . .
  • A trusted person speaks it with authority and we wonder. . .

Jesus warned against falling into faith built of man-made rules.

So, how do we know what is true?

We follow Jesus. We listen for Jesus. We say yes to Jesus.

Too simplistic? No, absolutely freeing.

A few years ago I spent months in the book of Luke. I watched how he interacted with the broken. I watched how he talked with the religious. I listened as he interacted with those who were curious about him.

Man-made rules started falling off, one by one.

When Jesus called people to follow him, there was no requirement. No level of holiness demanded beforehand. No Bible degrees to be a part of the miracles.

Wait, what?

While there is beauty in a holy life and goodness to be found in studying his word, Jesus’ example showed me that it was his holiness that changed people. It was relationship with him that brought about transformation.

I threw my mental list of man-made rules away in that department.

One by one I wrote down the man-made rules I had mentally stacked in my faith. One by one, they lost their power.

When we get tangled in rules, we let go of Jesus. 

Which never works. 

Are you ready to transition from following a man-made rule to following Jesus?

Write down one man-made rule or impossible expectation you’ve placed on your faith. Invite God to take these from you in exchange for freedom.  


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