It’s almost an epidemic.

We know there’s value in experiencing what is right in front of us. We don’t want to be that person with regrets. We hear those stories that tell us what they wish they had done while there was time.

But it’s still a struggle to be in the moment.

Today I want to invite us all to intentionally choose one way to live fully right where we are. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started (and a bonus!).

Hold a real conversation

Push every every other thought out of your mind and give the person in front of you 100% attention. Listen all the way to the end without interrupting.

Let that hug linger

I know you’re tempted to pull away, but let that hug sink in.

Look for the special in a moment

What is special about an ordinary moment? Look for it. Note it. Embrace it. Savor it. Thank God for it.

Look at it from a child’s perspective

Do you notice how a child delights in the simplest things? Ask God to give you a child-like perspective when you are tempted to rush through a special event or celebration.

Put your phone down

Don’t just turn it over. Put it away. Don’t allow it to be a third-party in that conversation or gathering.

Give your to-do list less power

Sure, that list is important but is it the boss of you? It’s not. Give yourself permission to defer, delegate, or delete some of the tasks. You’ll get them done, because that’s who you are, but rolling them over to another day or allowing someone else to help with them is a strong move.

Look them in the eye

If, like me, you are easily distracted, look that person in the eye. Let them know you are there, 100%

Resist the urge to take a picture

I realize we all have six million pictures on our phones. Some of those photos are absolute keepers. Yet the memories that are most vivid are those that involve all our senses. Choose to embrace the moment in your mind, rather than on your phone.

Go for a hike or walk

Go for a walk or hike with no other agenda than to be a “noticer.” No pics. No Map-My-Run or specific pace. Take a friend, child, or loved one with you. Notice God’s creation. Celebrate the beauty you see.

Be spontaneous

Jump on the bed (seriously). Laugh. Say yes to something frivolous and fun.

Bonus: Just Breathe

You would be surprised at how often we forget to breathe. Let that breath go all the way to your belly. Take in the air you need. Do this 10 times.

Okay friends, you aren’t required to do all of them but if you choose one, practice it all week long. Share how it went for you. What you learned. What you want to do different from here on out.

Let’s live fully! We’ll arrive at “one day” and our story will be that we lived our lives exactly the way we wanted. No regrets!


In today’s More Than Small Talk podcast (Episode 29: How to Be Fully Present), Holley Gerth, Jennifer Watson, and I take this deeper. We share all the reasons we struggle with this and some ways we are trying our best to be fully present.

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