What’s a lie that you have believed about who you are?

That’s a hard question, but an important one to ask.

Because some of us have accepted a lie as truth, and have allowed it to define us. Some of us may even allow that lie to keep us from stepping into an opportunity that God has uniquely designed for us.

And that’s not okay. You are worth so much more than a stinking lie.

I have fought this battle of lies and God has healed my heart in a thousand different ways, but sometimes a new lie tries to tiptoe in.

When the enemy hits us with a lie, there’s a reason behind it. It’s to:

  • silence us
  • stunt our spiritual or emotional growth
  • to hide the gifting God has placed inside of us for his purposes

So we choose truth over a lie every single time. The beautiful news is that we can find everything we need in God’s word. It’s right there, waiting for us, like a seasoned warrior ready to stand up and fight for us.

I’ve created a printable for you. It’s from my book, The Spirit-Led Heart. I know the graphic is a little small here, but the printable is frame-size and easy to read. Place it somewhere that you can see it every single day until the truth soaks in.

Rather than allowing a lie to disqualify us from anything, we disqualify that lie with truth.

So let’s remember these three things today. Speak it loud if you need.

  1. God’s truth is greater than any lie
  2. We all have gaps, but God fills them
  3. When we step into truth, we are freed to live the truth

Love you friends. Let’s live in freedom and truth together.



Listen to Episode 29 of More Than Small Talk with Holley Gerth, Jennifer Watson, and Suzie Eller. In today’s episode we take this topic deeper. I share the one lie that the enemy tried to place on my heart recently. It’s a powerful, life-giving conversation. Listen on iTunes, KLRC, or your favorite podcast app.

More Than Small Talk with Jennifer, Suzie, and Holley

Want a printable of the beautiful Freedom from Lies graphic shared in this blog post? It’s yours! Download it here.