Imagine that you see yourself in a brand new way.

Imagine that the wounds left by another person’s actions or words are made whole.

Imagine that you step into your true identity.

That’s what took place in Luke 8:40-48.A desperate women crept through a crowd. Finally she had her chance. She reached out and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. So much power went out of Jesus that he stopped to ask, “Who touched me?”

She flung herself at his feet, hoping for mercy.

“Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

Your real identity

She needed a physical healing. She had went to every doctor trying to find help. But this healing was greater than physical.

He restored her worth.

Her disease made her “unclean.”  It separated her from others. Jesus didn’t see her as unclean but as daughter. Not only did Jesus call her daughter, but he said it in front of everyone. All the words and hurt placed on her by Law, by culture, and by people fell away.


Go in peace, daughter.

Do you know what that says to me?

You are no longer stuck.

If someone harmed you, you are not marked for life. If someone questioned your worth, you are valuable. You are beautiful. You are treasured. You are loved.

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You have purpose

I have witnessed this type of healing over and over again. I have seen God do this in my own life.

The touch of Jesus heals what the thief tried to steal. 

So, if someone, anyone, has questioned your worth, remember this:

  1. Your past matters to God, but your past is not your prison
  2. You are wildly loved by Jesus
  3. His touch brings hope and healing and a new identity

Imagine Jesus stopping in the midst of a crowd as He sees you


That’s who you are.


Step into a mended heart. A new beginning.  For this is who you are.


In today’s More Than Small Talk podcast (Episode 30), Holley, Jennifer, and I talk about worth. What it means. How it can be stolen. How to remember who we are.

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These books are helpful in those tender areas. Hope you’ll check them out!

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