I’ve been praying for rain. Which is kind of crazy because I live in a state that has experienced floods lately.

But it’s not that kind of rain.

It’s rain that falls on dry, crispy ground that is my soul. It’s rain that produces new life. 

When I read the book of Acts, I can’t help but see men and women intentionally walking into a deeper, more life transforming relationship with Christ. Faith is so much more than a label for these individuals. It’s a life change that propels the direction of their lives. It affects others.

There are moments where they are drenched in the Holy Spirit. That rain comes after a night in prison. That rain comes  after a huge decision involving risk and uncertainty. That rain comes when they are walking away from rejection, but their hands are held high in praise and wonder. 

I want this rain. Don’t you?

I love being a follower of Jesus. In a world that doesn’t understand (because it’s confusing right now) what this looks like, I’m asking God to drench my heart. To drench my life. To soak my words. To fill me up to overflowing so that I splash out over those closest to me. 

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Are you asking him for that too? Let’s pray it together. 

Father, drench us in your Holy Spirit rain. Let it pour over your church once again. Let it splash on others in a beautiful life-altering way. Seep into the dry and barren places. We intentionally walk into a deeper and life-transforming relationship with You. Amen. 



Are you listening to the More Than Small Talk podcast? In today’s episode, Holley Gerth, Jennifer Watson, and I talk about the boxes we find ourselves in. Those boxes can make us feel empty, isolated, and drain the good God is trying to do in or through us.

I hope you’ll tune in. It’s Episode #32 — Busting Out of Our Boxes. Listen at KLRC.com, iTunes, Stitcher, or on your favorite podcast app.

Another resource is The Spirit-Led Heart: Living a Life of Love and Faith Without Borders. This book helps you live the promise of a Spirit-led life. (Check link for some fun freebies.)