I’m entering a new chapter, but that also means I’m leaving an old one with a ministry I love a lot. My tears are legit. They aren’t tears of fear or sadness, but saying goodbye to something I love a lot.

There are times that God is going to ask you to let go of a season — and it’s going to be hard.

But if he’s God (and he is), there’s a reason. He’s leading you into the new. He’s doing something different inside of you. Whatever it is, if God is the one asking, it’s our privilege to say yes.

  • What is God is trying to give you?
  • Are you holding on to the old?
  • Are you willing to trust him?

In today’s More Than Small podcast, Holley, Jennifer, and I take this topic deeper. We share the fear we may feel when transition is coming our way. We acknowledge that change can be hard, even when it’s good!

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Here are some prayers that are helpful in transition:

  • Where are you leading me, God?
  • Will you help me find the good in this transition?
  • What is my next step?
  • Father, I’m grieving the old but I trust you in the new.

How can I pray with you as you take these new steps?