You know it’s time to change.

But it’s hard. 

What if you fail?

What if you don’t measure up?

What if . . .  

There’s a thousand what-ifs as we unpack the past and walk into the new.

But let’s look at the other what ifs

What if you unpack the past and you discover who you were meant to be all along?

What if your children see a strong woman of faith emerge from what used to be broken?

What if you look in the mirror and you appreciate the person you are becoming?

What if all the changes, as hard as they might be, lead you to a new way to think?

What if that new way of thinking changes your path?

What if that new path leads you to new purpose?

What if a series of changes becomes transformation?

Maybe you’ve been focusing on the wrong set of what-ifs. . . 

In today’s More Than Small Talk podcast, we discuss change and how we handle it. Do we allow the what-if’s to keep us stuck long after God has said go?

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Three takeaways from today’s More Than Small Talk conversation are:

  • Pray about where you are and where God is asking you to go
  • When God says go, say yes (stop resisting)
  • You will know as you go
    • If you do take a step forward and it’s not the right one, that’s part of finding your way

So, if God is leading you to change, take that step! Discover what he is trying to give you, trying to put inside of you, or do through you.

Cheering you on,

Living Free Together

What is God asking you to do?

  • Break it down into doable steps.
  • Take one small step today and another tomorrow.

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