1. Ask her what she needs
  2. If she can’t articulate it, ask someone who is close to her
  3. Bring food in dishes that can be discarded
  4. Take care of an obvious need (mow the lawn, put gas in her car, do laundry)
  5. Take a bullet for her (if there is someone insensitive, invite that person to chat or take a walk to distract them)
  6. Love her children (offer to take them to a movie or bring them a small gift or thoughtful card)
  7. Pamper her in some small way
  8. Volunteer to make phone calls, write thank you notes, or run errands
  9. Send a card a month after the crisis to let her know you are still praying
  10. Be present — you don’t have to have the right words

In today’s More Than Small Talk podcast Jennifer, Holley, and I answer this confession question:

Describe a time someone showed up for you in a time of change.

I shared how friends and family showed up when my son was hit by a drunk driver. He was in the hospital for weeks and in recovery for over a year. Even now 20+ years later, I vividly remember the impact of kindness during that hard season.

Listen to today’s episode of More Than Small Talk #podcast (Episode 36, Just Be There) on iTunes, KLRC, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app.

I’d love to hear your story of how someone showed up for you in a season of change or crisis. If you are in a hard place, I have an amazing team of women ready to pray with and for you. (I’ll be praying for you, too.)


A Helpful Resource

Sometimes we just need to know where to turn when our hearts feel broken. The Mended Heart: God’s Healing for Your Broken Places is a gentle resource for those struggling with a hurting heart.