Have you ever had a dream and it didn’t work out? You did all the things. You worked hard. But it didn’t turn out the way you thought.

A few years ago, I prayed for the right words to come for the book I was writing. That book was like a baby in the womb as it went through the writing, editing, and birthing process. Just after the book was published, just when I was ready to run with all my well-laid plans, the publishing house was purchased by a larger company.

And just like that, my book went into a warehouse where it would remain for months and months. In the publishing world, this means the end of a book. There was nothing I could do. Letting go of the dream was my only choice.

When our dreams don’t go the way we thought, is God still in control?

He is, friend.

A year later someone read one of the few copies that made it into the world before the sale. It became a featured book in an online study. Over 19,000 women joined in. Suddenly, my book baby was brought out of the warehouse and into the world.

Just as much as the loss of my dream was out of my control, so was this. I couldn’t make this happen. I hadn’t even imaged it possible. But what if it had remained in that warehouse? Was God still in control?

To answer that question, I want to share a picture. It’s one of my greatest treasures.


This is a picture of a woman reading The Mended Heart, the book that almost didn’t make it. She lost her husband and the book was part of her journey of healing. If The Mended Heart had reached only Claudia, then God still used it.

Whether it’s one or one million, each person matters to God. I don’t know if your dream feels small, or stunted, or if you’re worrying because it feels like you aren’t “successful” enough. What I do know is that when we place our hard work and dreams in his hands, he uses it and that’s enough.

One day we may be surprised when we reach Heaven and God shows us how our “small” or “unsuccessful” dreams impacted eternity, simply because we showed up, did all the things we knew to do, and then trusted him with the outcome.


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