I passed her in a crowd, and noticed her smile as she laughed with her children. I loved how her dark, wild curls framed her face.

I didn’t say anything to her but I wondered if she knew how beautiful she was that day. Chances are if I had said anything to her, she would have responded with a negative.

Because that’s what we do.

We bat away nice things people say about us as if they couldn’t possibly be true. Especially on a hot day in a crowded theme park with a gaggle of kids around us.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful to God. He sees you as a one of a kind.

You are beautiful to those who love you best. They aren’t looking at your flaws. They see who you are. They know what you uniquely bring to the relationship. They know how their world would fall apart if you weren’t in it.

You are beautiful to the world. You bring something good. Maybe you serve behind the scenes. Maybe you are an encourager. Perhaps you notice when others are having a down day and you brighten it.

You are beautiful. Not just inside, but outside too. That tummy with stretch marks that carried a child is extraordinary. Your smile lights up and makes the one next to you feel special. Your laugh is contagious. Those arms that wrap around a friend are so needed. That wild or flyaway or stick straight hair that you tuck in a ball cap is lovely. Those legs that carry you where you want to go, and run after all that God has for you, those are amazing.

We struggle to embrace these truths because we don’t want to be vain, right? Because there’s too much of that going on in the world. While the struggle is real, acknowledging and thanking God for all the good that your body does and who you are is not vanity. It’s gratitude.

So, I want you to hear this. You are beautiful, yes you are.

Tell someone today how beautiful she is. If someone says it to you, don’t bat it away. Simply say thank you and receive it as true.



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