Do you wish you could make a difference for that woman who is pregnant, but all the odds are stacked against her?

Me, too.

That’s why we chose In My Shoes as our 2019 Fall Together project. This beautiful ministry offers shelter, counseling, community, connection, and lots of love to pregnant women who just need a tribe.

When I first stumbled onto this ministry, it was an answer to a prayer. I am pro-life, but have often wondered: How can we love her, as well as that unborn child? In My Shoes is a non-profit, offering shelter, counseling, education, and faith-filled community to women. It is a ministry grounded in faith and trust.

Will it make a difference?

When Sarah came to In My Shoes, she struggled in all the areas needed to support and take care of her unborn child. When she left a few months after her baby was born, Sarah had the tools, counseling, job, and community needed to successfully be a mama.

This is only one of many, many stories we could share.

Will you prayerfully consider giving today? 100% of your donation goes to In My Shoes.

  • $17 will support a woman and her unborn child for one day
  • $70 will support a woman and her unborn child for a week
  • $500 will support a woman and her unborn child for an entire month

TO GIVE: DONATE (Your gift is tax-deductable.)

Thank you for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with mamas and their unborn children, as well as supporting a beautiful ministry in the trenches.

Thank you for being their tribe.

I love you like crazy,