What will matter one day?

I’ve asked myself this question a lot recently. I asked it one night as my husband rested in the CCU after open-heart surgery. Suddenly a lot of things that seemed important the day before held little weight. This is not unusual. When you interview people at the end of life or after a crisis, they will often tell you it shifts their perspective. They start to measure the things they’ve pursued or in which they invest large chunks of their time and energy.

Some things hold up. Others fall short. 

As I’ve asked this question personally, it’s caused me to drop or give less weight to a couple of things that once seemed so very important. Not because they weren’t good, but because in the heat of crisis they didn’t matter like I thought they did and that was telling. 

What I realized is that:

  • Not every good thing is supposed to be my thing.
  • Not every good thing is supposed to last forever.
  • Not every good thing remains good if it robs me of what matters most.

As we enter a new year, I’m inviting all of us to ask this question together. We can invite the Holy Spirit to help as we dig deep, asking:

  1. Is there anything that I’m doing that needs a little more of me?
  2. Is there anything I’m doing that needs a little less of me?
  3. Is there anything on my plate that was once “good” but its season has ended?

We’ll still be busy. We’ll still have full lives. Yet we get to choose today to place a little more weight on what will matter the most one day and that’s what will hold up.

What do you believe will matter most one day? How can you place more weight on that on this day?



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