For the past 20 years I’ve listened as women shared their dreams. Those dreams are a huge leap of faith for many. Many have pursued those dreams for a long time and they are all in.

What dream has God whispered in your heart?

There’s timing involved in pursuing a dream. We all understand that, but sometimes we let a dream pass by because of fear. We alternate between excitement and “Oh my Lord, what were you thinking!” We look at others and wonder:

God, did you really ask me to do this? Don’t you see her?

God made her like that; He made you to be you – and both of you are beautiful. Both of you are needed. But more than that, this is not about us. It’s about his faithfulness. If he chooses you — and he does — then he will do it. 

I am an introvert with a heart to love on broken people. When God began to lead me to speak, I thought He had made a mistake. Funny, isn’t it? How I question the God who created my DNA? It took years for me to understand he knew what was up all along.

So let’s stop comparing. Let’s stop looking around for others to fill that spot uniquely invited.

He chooses you, sis. ♥

There is a niche group of people out there who will relate to your life experience. Who will hear you when they might not be able to hear someone else. Who will feel comfortable, and challenged, as they listen to the message God shares through you. It’s an entirely different group that will relate to me, or to the woman sitting next to you.

So where to begin?

Respond – Acknowledge that God can and will use you.

Be open – Don’t shortchange what God can do through you.

Grow – Read. Listen. Learn. Then do it again. Never let a dream or your life stagnate.

Move – Take one baby step toward your dream. Just one small step. For some, that’s gaining knowledge. Or a new skill. Or using an existing expertise in a whole new way. For others, it’s getting together with others who love what you love. Then you take another. And another.

What’s your dream? Let’s talk!



In today’s More Than Small Talk podcast episode, Holley, Jennifer, Kara, and I talk about the pressure we feel to be all things all the time. The beauty of knowing where we fit, and what God is asking us to do is that we find joy in our invitation. The only one we listen to is the One who knows us best. We trust that he will be faithful and it doesn’t all rest on us.

Take a listen on your favorite podcast episode or listen at KLRC  –  (Episode 66 – The Pressure to Be Productive).