I don’t usually feel anxious, but I’m grappling with ALL the feelings from this virus. I’m trying to be safe. I’m concerned about my parents. I’m fielding questions from my own kids. I’m thinking about those who are vulnerable, wishing I could help.


There’s a good chance you are struggling as well. That’s why Holley, Jennifer, and I released a special episode of More Than Small Talk. In this episode, we came together online to record since going to the studio wasn’t an option. In this conversation, we talk about how Covid-19 is impacting each of us, and things that might be helpful. Three takeaways are:

  • It’s normal to feel the way you do – don’t feel bad about feeling bad.
  • It makes sense that you are grieving the loss of normalcy – as you find your new normal.
  • This event will forever change us going forward – what will that change look like for you?

More Than Small Talk can be found on your favorite podcast app, but I wanted to share the video version with you as well.

How are you doing, friend? I’d love to hear your answer to today’s question: How has the Covid-19 virus impacted you?

(If you can’t see the video, you can watch it here.)

Thinking of you. Praying with you.