Maybe you don’t know what to say right now. You want to speak up, but are afraid it will come out all wrong. You hear so many opinions that it’s hard to know what to do.

You are not alone, friend. You are not the only one struggling.

As believers, our only example is Jesus. He wasn’t afraid to have difficult conversations, but his mission was always healing. That’s why Holley, Jennifer, and I reached out to two friends to simply sit and talk about what healing conversations looked like, and the blocks that get in the way. We didn’t want to wait for a future podcast, so we turned on the camera and just talked.

Four things I took away from this conversation are:

  1. When we hear a person’s pain and move toward them rather away, healing begins
  2. We all have blocks that keep us from connection and community
  3. When we understand those blocks (and how it affects the person standing in front of us), it opens the door to a healing conversation
  4. Pain and hope are not mutually exclusive

My prayer is that you’ll lean into this conversation. That you’ll invite the Holy Spirit in. Though we talk about our community in this video podcast (because we all live in the same city), these are conversations that are taking place around the world right now. As believers, hearing what helps and what hurts may be exactly what we are praying for.

If you do not see the video podcast, tune in on my YouTube channel or on the More Than Small Talk podcast Facebook group.


I hope you’ll continue the conversation around your own table and in your community. If you want to connect with Dr. James and Nicola Hawkins, connect with them on their FB group, Healing Conversations, and tune in to A More Than Excellent Way podcast.