I’ve seen several T-shirts that say, “Kind is the new cool.” I like them a lot. This message reminds us that kindness can change the world. The only problem I have with this message is that it’s not new. It’s one of the oldest, deepest, and most profound messages Jesus spoke.

“Love one another,” he said, following that up with, “just as I have loved you.”

He taught this message. He lived this message. He showed us how to be kind and to love each other over and over again.

Be kind. Notice that one in need. Watch what you say. Bring the little children to me. Don’t throw that stone. Love your neighbor. 

As I sit here today, my fingers on the keyboard, I have started at least three different messages. Each time, half-way through, I erased the words. It’s not that I’m trying to avoid talking about it; it’s just that it matters so much I want to do it right. I want these words to not only plant themselves in my heart, but sprout in yours too. The reality is too many believers have forgotten the power of kindness. We use words like hatchets, especially on social media. We toss out scripture like grenades. And then we justify those words — because after all, “they’re wrong and we are right.” We say things like:

I don’t care if you don’t like it, it’s truth.

He’s not my neighbor.

That’s not my problem.

If you aren’t ___{{fill in the blank}}___, you can’t possibly be a Christian. 

Even as I write this, tears threaten for my heart has ached over this for a long time. I wonder if we realize how unkindness lands in the heart of someone who doesn’t know Jesus. I wonder if we realize the injuries in our own children’s faith, or that of a neighbor, a seeker, or if we are aware of the thousands walking away from faith out of sheer confusion and exhaustion.

There’s a tremendous cost to calling ourselves a Jesus follower and tangling his name in words and actions that don’t resemble him at all.

But that’s not me, Suzie. 

I’m so glad, and I know that. There are thousands of believers who are loving well. Loving others tangibly. They are fighting for each other as they pray, as they stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and as they look for ways to love sacrificially. Thank you for that. It’s like a ray of light in the darkest of places.

I sense God calling us back to himself, to the mission he spelled out through a rough and rugged cross. To remind us that kindness is not the new cool. It’s the old commandment, one that still has the power to change the world.

These are the questions I ask myself in this difficult, divided season: 

  1. What is my motivation in what I’m about to say or do?
  2. Is this my assignment?
    • If it’s not, give me the courage to step into what is or to simply step away.
    • If it is my assignment, how can I lead with love?
  3. Am I reflecting Jesus?

As you read this, I want you to understand something. I’m not writing this from one side of an aisle or the other. There is no agenda. I’m writing it as a woman who just wants to follow Jesus with you, wherever he leads, whatever he asks, whatever miracle he wants to do in or through us.

I love you like crazy.

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  • A Healing Conversation — a conversation between five friends about the topic of racial inequality (and how to love each other well). This is on my YouTube channel. This beautiful conversation is not just powerful as we talk about racial injustice, but the principles shared by Dr. James Hawkins help us have healing conversations with those in our own home.