If you don’t see the video in this post, you can view the TogetHER conversation here. 
I surrender. . . 

I remember saying those words as I looked at my beautiful kids and measured the parenting skills I had compared to others. I remember saying those words as I stepped on a stage to share God’s word with other women for the first few years. I remember whispering those words in a hospital room while my husband was attached to tubes and machines. In each of these God was asking me to trust him. To release what I couldn’t control. To believe that he could see what I couldn’t.

We often find ourselves in that place when that thing, that dream, that obstacle. that step feels bigger than we are.

In this TogetHER conversation with speaker, author, and amazing new friend, Barb Roose, I teared up as we talked.

I got teary because surrendering is the place where God has done the most miracles in my life.

I love what Barb said: Surrender is not giving up. It’s not giving in. It’s a path to life. It’s a path to peace.

If you sense God saying, “Let me have that, sis,” this conversation is for you today.

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