Let your light shine, Jesus said.

Maybe you’ve been heavy-hearted. If so, you aren’t alone. The world feels so torn. We are seeing the worst in humanity in 3-D, splashed across the news, maybe on your friend’s news feed. We don’t know the right words to say, so we stuff all those feelings and words down, as if they aren’t still there, piling up one on top of the other.

God flipped a switch for me last night. Through a good friend, he reminded me of Jesus’ simple instructions.

Let your light shine, he said. 

Where does light have the most impact?

In the darkness. 

Where does light help lead the way?

In the darkness.

When does light push darkness into corners, where it belongs?

Only when it’s the most dark. 

There have always been dark seasons throughout history. Seasons where it seemed impossible to shine at all the night was so bleak, and yet in each believers turned to the ultimate Light and found what they needed to shine right where they were. This was world changing.

My prayers changed last night from “fix this, God,” to “let me be a light, Father.”

Because maybe the “fix” is months away, or the “fix” isn’t what would heal the deeper source of hurt and pain that started the darkness in the first place.

What about you, friend? Will you join me in that prayer today? I’ll start the prayer. Say these words with me, as if we were sitting at my kitchen table, our cups steaming between us, hands tangled together. Then you finish the prayer in your own words and let the Lord settle your heart and show you the next step as that light inside of you flickers and comes to life and you begin to shine for him.

Lord, I have been so focused on the darkness I have forgot your invitation to shine. I know I can’t shine in my own power, so I come to you, the Source of that light. Fill those places in me that have felt barren and dry. Pour out your anointing power over my heart, my words, my thoughts. Show me one way to shine today, and again tomorrow, and all the days after. Let that begin in my home, my relationships, and even with with those I disagree with. Thank you for the invitation to shine. I say yes. . . 

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