In this Advent season, I sense God calling us back to hope.

Hope is more than wishful thinking, however. It’s trust placed in a trustworthy God, even as that “thing” feels impossible. As I started to write this post, there were a lot of things I wanted to say about hope, but I first need to acknowledge that hope has felt very hard to grasp for many. My search for hope led me to write my hopes down, putting them in the Light like a prayer.

I choose to hope we’ll be kind to each other again.

I choose to hope we’ll not lead with divisive words, but a heart to listen to each other.

I choose to hope that those unseen will be seen again and not forgotten or set aside.

I choose to hope that we’ll once again share a gospel that mends hearts.

I choose to hope for unity and community that astounds the world.

I choose to hope for sincere apologies and fresh new beginnings.

I choose to hope we’ll set aside anything that doesn’t resemble Jesus in our faith.

I choose to hope the world will look on a people of faith and want what they see.

Rather than waiting for these things to happen in our world, what if we asked God to begin this process in our own hearts first?

So today this is my prayer:

Lord, help me be kinder and to listen more. Let me lead conversations with love. If there is someone unseen or overlooked, let me be a friend. Thank you for an opportunity to talk about your healing power and the good news of your love. If I have hurt someone, may I sincerely apologize and start new. If there’s anything I’ve put in place of you in my faith, root it out. I will set it down at the foot of the cross and leave it there, Amen.

In what do you choose to hope?

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