What lights you up?

What triggers you?

What are things that bring you peace?

This last two years I’ve been telling God all these things about myself. Maybe your response is, “But He already knows that, Suzie.” I believe that too, but there’s something faith-changing that takes place when you talk to God about these things.

It’s an invitation to intimacy. 

I’ve told God that water makes me happy. If I’m close to a lake or an ocean (or immersed in a bubble bath), I feel at peace. I’m not sure why. I didn’t grow up living by the water and I don’t live by the water now, but there’s a pull that happens when I’m near. I thanked Him for this amazing act of creation.

Though I love people, I also need alone time. Knowing this about myself allows me to slip away for a walk when I’m in a full house for long periods of time. It’s also a red flag if I don’t, and I feel myself shutting down. So in those times when I feel overwhelmed, I don’t beat myself up about that. God and I know that he wired me to love people, but I also need to fill up from time to time.

If I find myself hurting because someone marches into a tender place, God and I talk about too. He knows my background. He is the one that healed those wounds. I can talk to Him and thank Him for the healing, but also about the fact that those areas are a little more tender.

Today I want to ask you to do something. Talk to God about one of these topics:

  • God, I find myself triggered by {{ fill in the blank }}
  • Heavenly Father, this brings me joy. . .
  • Lord, I feel peaceful when. . .
  • Father, I need you most when this begins to happen. . .

Just let the words spill.

And though He already knows these things, you are inviting Him into them to walk with you through it, to celebrate it, or to simply acknowledge that this Master Creator made you and it’s a beautiful work (Psalm 139:14; Ephesians 2:10). You are asking Him to come in just a little closer, and to know Him as He knows you. That’s a beautiful thing.

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