Hey, I want you to know something.

You are not disqualified from God’s calling.

Maybe you are getting older, like me. Maybe you are younger. If you’ve ever heard these words, “I think you are too {old} or too {young} or too {anything} to be thinking about that,” and it causes you, just for a second to wonder if there’s validity to that, I want you to hear this loud and clear. . .

God is the only One whose voice you should be listening to. 

It’s human to put qualifiers on other humans. It’s what we do. Sometimes even to ourselves.

Jesus blew preconceived misconceptions out of the water when, after praying all night, he chose the men he did to be his disciples.

What, Jesus? Umm, hey shouldn’t you check in with us about this because we have the scoop. That person should be disqualified because of {this} or {that}. Because we say so!

Yet Jesus called out their names clearly and one by one they walked with him, learned from him, watched miracles that stunned them, and one day they became miracle workers too. They remained ordinary (Acts 4:13). So much so, that the extraordinary acts they did in Jesus’ name stunned the crowd. If they had waltzed in their own power, perhaps someone could have said, “Well, of course, that just happened.” But they couldn’t. Their very ordinary selves is what made Jesus shine brighter.

So, how do we say yes, in spite of our age, our learning curves, our ordinary human selves?

We become life-long learners. We place our trust in Jesus. We commune with him often, because he’ll show us the traps to avoid and speak life into our faith. We’ll fall down, get back up, learn from our mistakes, and somehow, miraculously God will use our existence to verify his deity. It makes no sense, but it’s how he has always worked.

So if someone recently said, “I think you are too {fill in the blank} to do that,” get alone with God. Shut out all the hype and noise. Listen for his voice. Surrender your heart and your life to follow him, wherever he wants to take you. 

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