God whispered that dream over your heart and you were ready, right then.

Then that thing happened.

A pandemic.

An illness.

An unexpected loss.

That struggle in your closest relationship.

So you ask God, “Lord, did I really hear you? Were you talking to me?”

Yes, you did. Yes, He was. 

If God is the one who spoke that dream over your heart, then His plan is still in place. Maybe that seems impossible in light of this last year. If so, you are in good company, my friend. Consider all the people throughout scripture who heard from God and then bam! they walked through loss, were thrown into a pit, were thrown in jail unjustly, went through infertility, were judged, dismissed, or walked through the wilderness.

Did the dream God spoke over their heart go away? No! Was it delayed? I don’t think so. I think God used every drop, every footprint, every event they went through.

God didn’t see those events as a delay of the dream,

but as development of the dream. 

We forget that we see the end of the story. Those who were walking through it did not. They simply trusted. They kept their eyes on Him. And while they did, God did incredible things inside of them that were instrumental at the right time down the road.

Friends, I went through breast cancer again this past year . . .  in the middle of a pandemic. I’ve been dropped off at the front door of hospitals to go through this seemingly alone, because no one could come through those doors with me. I’ve put aside projects and dreams that I love in order to recover. You have also went through hard things.

Yet I’ve walked with Jesus long enough to know that our calling is to simply walk with Him daily — our dreams are the vehicles He uses in His timing and with His results in mind. So as long as you and I are doing our part (walking with Him daily and listening for His voice), He will do his. 

Please don’t see this past year as a waste. God’s dream for you didn’t go away. And there’s a good chance that He’ll use this past year as a part of that dream.

These are some things you can ask or share with God as you move forward:

  1. God, remind me of your plan. Let me hear your voice one more time. 

In any adventure, we keep our eyes and ears on the Guide. Asking Him to remind you of where you are going is not only okay, but it makes sense. Write that dream down one more time. Make it plain.

2. Lord, is there a step you want me to take now?

We often are so focused on the finish line that we forget that there’s a right-now step that is key. All of those right-now steps lead to the finish line. Rejoice over that one step and the next and the next.

I’m cheering you on as you start dreaming again, my friend.

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