Right now, right in front of you, is a miracle.

Do you believe that?

A miracle might be hard to see when the laundry is piled on the couch and bills are stacked on the kitchen table. It might be hard to see when we are dealing with an unasked for battle. It might be hard to see if a close relationship needs a bit of repair and attention, and finding time to do that feels a little impossible.

As I write this I’m upstairs. I’m wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt, and a hat because I need to wash my hair. Downstairs is a mess because we’ve been painting. I have a list of to-do’s that feels really long and I’m tackling them as hard as I can. In less than two weeks I have my last surgery to complete the breast cancer battle I’ve been in. (I’m really tired of surgeries.)

So if right now, right in front of me, there is a miracle — will I see it?

I think I can, if I look for it.

It’s found in the normal.

That kiss Richard gave me before leaving this morning. That leftover food I had for lunch. The fact that I just moved a heavy chair into the office, a sweet triumph after all the surgeries and recovery.

Maybe it’s in the fact that my car started when I ran an errand this afternoon. Maybe it’s the message from a friend, wanting to set up a zoom call to chat next week.

Maybe it’s the cat snuggled next to me, her paws kneading my side.

Maybe it’s that deep breath I just took.

One of the saddest things we might experience is to reach the end of our lives, running, running, running after things and people and acceptance and accolades, only to realize what we had all along was our greatest gift.

What is right in front of you, right in the normal of your day,

that would be considered someone else’s miracle?

Don’t miss it. Don’t overlook it. Don’t fail to acknowledge it.

See that person. Lean into that kiss or that hug. Stop and enjoy that laughter. See that good thing that is easy to take for granted, but without it you’d be lost.

Name it. Appreciate it. Soak it in and treat it like the miracle it is. Don’t wait until one day to appreciate it. See it for the miracle that it is today.

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