Lord, make my heart flexible.

Help me to stop putting my own comfort zone before your dreams for me — and for the world.

Help me to try something new. Something small. Something big if you are the one asking.

Help me to see what others bring to the table with their traditions, ideas, views, and experiences, whether that is that beautiful daughter-in-law you brought into our lives, or my neighbor, or the woman sitting across from me.

If I’ve made a religion out of conformity and comfort, shatter that with a heart for the new you want to do in me and through me.

Thank you for traditions. They are beautiful and have a place, but may I leave room for those traditions to grow and expand and shift as our family grows, and to remember that my people are more precious than any tradition.

Help me to never force others to fit my idea of what is right. 

Help me to remember that the world is bigger than my circle, my ethnicity, my traditions, my city, my nation.

Remind me that control might make beautiful pictures but the memories behind them are not so shiny.

And Lord, most of all, help me to be flexible with you. Your ways are higher than mine. Help me not to box you in. Remind me not to box myself in. Help me to be open to the wind of the Holy Spirit and to be filled with hope, purpose, faith, and adventure — even in the mundane of my day may I be open to the miracles you want to do.

Help me be flexible. 

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Hey friend,

Flexibility is not about what we do. It’s how we see the world and ways we try to control it. It’s okay to acknowledge that structure is good and some of us need it more than others, but control and rigidity traps us. If this is something you are wrestling with, you are not alone.

In today’s More Than Small Talk podcast episode, we dived deep into this topic. We also issued ourselves a challenge — to take one small step out of inflexibility to discover what God has for us.

I hope you’ll tune in to Episode #140: How Flexible are You? 

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