I’ve been quiet lately. Not because I don’t want to talk with you, but because sometimes it’s wise to step back and be quiet. In this quiet season, I have looked around at the world and the church, and it continues to feel messy.

But do you know what?

I can’t help but notice that the early church was a little messy at times too. Personalities emerged. Conflict took place. Persecution from without, and uncertainty about how to best navigate that. Yet miracles still took place. Ministry still went on. The things Jesus told them could happen did.

The one thing I am reminding myself is that ministry is messy, but it’s also miraculous.

Even when there are conflicting voices and personalities that are B.I.G. and agendas that cause confusion, there is massive hope. When we look at the early church, we see that God did an incredible work in spite of their humanity. I believe they show us three things that can help when ministry is messy.

1. Focus

It doesn’t take much to break my focus. I have to be tuned in not to be distracted on a good day. Yet the early church kept their focus on Jesus and his teaching always — not the unruly crowd, not the naysayers, not the mountains they had to climb, and not the circumstances in front of them.

By doing they, they knew where they were going and why. You and I are invited to do the same.

2. Fellowship

We need each other. We really do.

We’re living through a historic pandemic and it’s caused us to have to work harder at staying connected. We are also in a season of division, which makes most of us want to shut it all down. Yet if we do that, we miss out on the strength that comes from standing shoulder to shoulder.

I need you. You need her. We need each other. We are invited to creatively and intentionally reach out — not just to gain strength but to offer it.

3. Move forward

The early church had plans. They didn’t always unfold as they wanted. In one story, imprisonment seemed to stop those plans. So, what did they do? They threw their hands up in the air and praised God, and the earth shook and the chains fell away, and prisoners who were listening wondered what in the world was going on and their ears were attentive to the message they were singing. The plan to teach in the synagogue didn’t take place, but ministry was birthed right in the midst of that hardship.

Maybe you had plans and they aren’t unfolding as you hoped. Perhaps you got blindsided by something you didn’t see coming. Don’t underestimate the powerful ministry that will still take place — right where you are.

Ministry is messy but it’s also miraculous. 

When things get murky, remember this. Speak it out loud. Then focus. Find connection. Take one small step. That’s faith and that’s beautiful, my friend.

Lord, thank you for my sister who is reading this today. Thank you for messy ministry. Somehow you use ordinary people to love the world. What a privilege to be a part of that, amen. 

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