“How are you feeling about Christmas?”

I threw the question out on Facebook. The answers really surprised me. I know that Christmas is hard for many of you. We’ve had two tough seasons and now are walking into one of the hardest yet. . . but I had no idea how hard this is for so many of you.

One after another I heard comments like this: I just will be glad when it’s over.

For the next 10 days, I want to do something, sweet friends. I want to sit together around a virtual table and unpack this with you. I want to unpack those joy stealers that are robbing you of something beautiful, and find our way back to the joy Jesus promised — joy that cannot be taken from us.

I’m walking through a hard season as I say goodbye to someone close to me, and my heart is hurting but this is our truth:

Jesus promised joy not just at Christmas, and not just on the good days,

but even on our hardest days.

Does that make sense in the natural? It doesn’t. It’s something deeper.

This short series doesn’t have the power to make that situation or circumstance change, but it does have the power to draw us closer to the Source of our joy.

Will you join me? 

You’ll receive a short encouragement for the next 10 days, leading into the holidays. We’ll pray about those things on our hearts, lean into our faith, and tap into a deeper joy that will hold us, launch us, and change us — even when our circumstances remain the same.

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