Are you trying your best to control those feelings as you approach Christmas?

You are pushing them down. You are hiding them, even from God.

I want you to do something today.

Go straight to God with those feelings.

Tell Him what is on your heart.

He’s not put off by your feelings. He created you to feel. He cares about how you feel. Those feelings are an indicator of something deeper, and bringing them into the light is strong.

Here’s your Christmas JoyKeeper challenge for today.

Do one of these things.

  • Write how you feel in a journal
  • Close the door and let those words spill
  • Take a walk and let the tears fall as you talk to Him

As you do this, you are meeting a joy stealer head on. You are no longer trying to control how you feel, but leaning into those feelings as you ask God to mourn with you, weep with you, rejoice with you, and walk with you in that valley or on that mountain top.

Those feelings are no longer pushed down but brought into the Light.

Here’s your JoyKeeper truth for today:

When you make room to share your feelings with Jesus, the less those feelings need room on the inside of you.

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Lorie Hartshorn
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“Once again, Suzie cracks open our hearts, enabling us to go deep. She takes us on an emotional healing journey that brings joy like we’ve never known. Her refreshing biblical insights speak into real life. This message will lift you above your circumstances. This is a word for our time!”