Tired. Wiped out. Mental fog. Where’s the joy in that?

57% of people say that Christmas leaves them burned out and tired.

The fatigue they describe is certainly physical, but it’s also emotional and spiritual. One acquaintance recently shared that, “I used to love Christmas. I don’t know what happened. Now I can’t wait for it to be over.”

One joy stealer is pouring out and pouring out without taking the time to fill back up.

You and I were not created with unlimited capacity. Even the extravert crashes and burns at some point.

So, what can we do?

My friend, Dr. Saundra Dalton, author of Sacred Rest, says:

The most effective rest occurs when we are purposefully reviving the parts of our life we regularly deplete.

Let’s let that soak in for a moment.

She said that many of her patients came to her exhausted and naps weren’t helping. They woke up more tired than they were before they laid their head on the pillow. Dr. Dalton challenged them to examine where they were pouring out, and then to find true rest as they poured back into the areas that were depleted.

What might that look like?

If you are an introvert and are pouring out in connection with people, intentional solitude will fill you back up.

If you are pouring out in creative ways (decor, trees, gift wrapping, crafting, design, volunteering at your church or in your community) then finding time to simply create for the love of it will fill you back up.

If you are pouring out spiritually (loving your people, living your faith among those who may not understand it, meeting unkindness with kindness, etc.) then filling up spiritually is where you’ll find rest.

Here’s your Christmas JoyKeeper challenge for today — ask yourself:

  • In what ways am I pouring out?
  • How can I intentionally fill back up those areas?

Then, create sacred space to do just that.

It doesn’t have to be big. In my own life, there will come a point in the beauty and busyness of Christmas where I will need a 15-minute walk. It will allow me to breathe deeply. To soak in the quiet, or the Christmas music, or the scenery around me. Then I’ll be ready to go back in. And that will take place more than once, because I know myself. If I keep pouring out and pouring out without pouring back in, I’ll find myself at the bottom of empty.

Here’s your JoyKeeper truth for today:

We put things on the calendar that matter to us, but remember that you also matter to God. Create space in your calendar to fill up in the way he uniquely made you.

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For everyone who has ever thought joy was for other people (you know, those super-spiritual people who have the inside track to what God wants . . . ), Suzie is here to tell you that joy, deep soul-satisfying joy, is available to all of us who love God in our own imperfect way.