It’s not the same this year and that makes Christmas hard.

Your people are missing. They won’t be around the table or in your home this Christmas. That can happen in so many ways — loss, a move, this pandemic, your children are grown and have to juggle where to be, and more.

The fact that your people won’t be with you this year might make you feel a little unsure of how to proceed, and that makes sense.

One massive joy stealer is isolation.

Isolation is different than solitude or even being alone on Christmas day. It’s pulling away from all community for a season, or even for years. 

Even as I say these words, I am prayerfully asking the Holy Spirit to guide me. Your loss matters so much to God. The fact that you are in a new season as your kids get older isn’t a small thing. When you’ve been used to a certain tradition or you’ve loved big and now everything’s new? I hear you. That’s hard to navigate.

I don’t have an easy answer here, but I want you to know two things:

  1. You need people
  2. You bring value to other people

That may seem oversimplified, but it’s true. 

Gathering with others to worship around the Christmas season is powerful. Bringing your gifts, your sense of humor, your kindness to someone else who is struggling with a new normal is beautiful. Opening your home to a Friendsgiving or a Christmas dinner makes such a difference.

Isolation makes us vulnerable. It robs us of the ability to appreciate the memories behind us, even as it tries to shut us down from experiencing the new before us.

Here’s your Christmas JoyKeeper challenge for today:

  • Rather than isolate, become a connector
  • Prayerfully look for someone else that might be struggling with their new normal
  • Celebrate together

This doesn’t have to be big or over the top, but it opens the door for a new tradition (to add to the beauty of the past traditions and memories that mean so much to you).

Here’s your JoyKeeper truth for today:

Your people matter. So do you.

Understanding this truth means that you may need some alone time or reflection time as you navigate Christmas, but you refuse to isolate. You continue to see the value of connection. You understand that you bring value to others too.

Q: What is one way to connect with others around Christmas?

Q: What is one new and fun tradition to begin this year?

Q: What is one way to worship and connect with a God who loves you like crazy during this season?

Thinking about and praying for you,

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