One of the most powerful phrases we can say is, “I’m sorry.”

I know this is short today, but it’s something I feel we may have forgotten. A sincere apology, without excuses or trying to fit it in context, can be healing.

If they aren’t ready to accept it, that’s okay. Give them room to absorb your words.

An apology isn’t about what we get; it’s about what we are willing to give.

If you’ve been carrying around that unspoken apology, write a note, make a call, or look that person in the eye and simply say, “I’m sorry.” Don’t wait. Do it now, while it’s on your heart and mind.

What might happen if a band of healed women across the world shared healing words with those closest to them?

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Take this deeper

Is God asking you to come alongside a friend or loved one who longs for restoration?

Is there a time God has restored you in any area of your life?

What does that look like? What does it not?

In this week’s episode of More Than Small Talk podcast, “Restore Her,” Holley, Jennifer, and I explore what it means to be restored, what part we might play, and how God sees what we do not. 

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