Can I share something with you that is changing me?

On a recent MTST podcast episode, Jason Rovenstine shared how he spent 31 seconds every day encouraging one of his daughters or someone he cared about.

That grabbed my attention. It seemed so simple.

Why 31 seconds?

Jason says it’s because 5 minutes is too long and can feel awkward. On the other hand, a remark like “good job” can be too short. Instead, Jason challenges us to stop and sincerely encourage someone we care about every single day.

Maybe that child is struggling in school, but working hard. Rather than point out how far they have to go, you let them know that you see them doing the hard work, and tell them proud you are of them.

Maybe your husband does something small, but it’s kind. You take 31 seconds to let him know how much that means to you.

Perhaps that grown child is a parent. You spend 31 seconds telling her about that one thing she does that makes a difference in her own children’s lives.

I’ve been practicing this since Jason shared this on our last episode of More Than Small Talk podcast. I knew it was a “good” thing, but what I’m learning is it not only encourages others but it has the power to change me.

Instead of focusing on an end goal or the big things, I’m becoming more aware of how many of the people around me are such a gift.

On this day dedicated to love, maybe you and I could do something different.

Instead of a big gesture once a year, we could see the power of small gestures that make a difference. We can become noticers of those around us. We can become sincere encouragers.

So, how do you begin?

  • Ask God to help you to take note of someone close to you
  • Rather than looking at a big picture or an end result, note the small things they are doing that are either unique to them (a sweet laugh, showing up, trying even when it’s really hard, a kindness, faithfulness, affection, etc.) and let them know you see that
  • Take 31 seconds to tell them that you love that about them

It may feel awkward in the beginning, or they may not know what to do with it in the beginning, but that’s okay. Starting anything new feels awkward in the beginning.

Remember, this is a no-strings attached 31-second encouragement. You aren’t doing it to receive a single thing in return. You are simply becoming a “noticer” of those you love.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this together. Catch someone you love in the act of being themselves, and let them know why you love that. Do it today, then again tomorrow and let it become a part of who you are.

You might be surprised at how much this encourages those you love, but changes your heart as well.

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