I used to think that healthy boundaries were needed only in unhealthy relationships. What I discovered is that living with healthy boundaries is simply the ability to clarify and share our needs with those closest to us, unhealthy or not. It’s growing and transforming, even when others aren’t ready or willing.

I’d love to invite you to a free 21-day study on the TogetHER Community Facebook group. Healthy Boundaries: Living and Loving with Intention will help us:

  • Define what healthy boundaries are and what they are not
  • Determine when it’s important to set boundaries
  • Share how to set healthy boundaries that make sense for you and your real life
  • Share ways to respond as a whole, healed woman even when others aren’t ready

We started this study on Tuesday, but you won’t miss a thing if you join today. It’s all there, just for you. I’ve also shared a study guide for the first week that you can grab and download for absolutely free.

Click here to join in! 

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Hey friend, Holley, Jennifer, and I have been in a “messy” series. If you struggle to work through conflict or find yourself in the role of appeasing just to avoid it, today’s episode might be a perfect listen for you.

Today’s conversation is “It’s Okay to Stop Appeasing.”

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