“I want to tell God so many things, but I can’t find the words.”


Have you ever felt that way? I have.

You and I can exchange the pressure to perform for a deep breath of prayer, right where we are. 

When we can’t figure out what to say to God, we may go the other way. We may think that we have to walk through our faith alone. But prayer isn’t about what we say; it’s where we go. God bends to listen — when we know what to say, when we don’t know what to say, and when we don’t even know how we feel.

God hears every word. 

For years I’ve shared simple prayer starters with women around the world. I’m the host of Prayer Starters podcast, a 2-3 minute daily prayer connection. When I wrote Prayer Starters: Talking with God about Hard Times, it was in one of the most challenging seasons I’ve walked through as a woman and as a believer. What I discovered is that prayer starters, grounded in the Word, allowed me to meet God, right where I was.

Maybe it led to a conversation. Maybe it led to soaking in His presence. Both were healing. Both are beautiful.

My new book, Prayer Starters, is part prayer journal. It’s part power of the Word. It’s part creative connection with God.

It’s not a book on how to pray; it’s a book that helps you connect with God through prayer.

Prayer Starters: Talking with God about Hard Times

This book contains 90 prayer starters that connect you with God in that hard place. It’s gorgeous! It has room to write your own words. Pause points to reflect and dig deeper. Creative elements to connect you with a Heavenly Father, who loves you like crazy. It’s not a book that you read. It’s a book that helps you experience God through connection.

If you have been longing to talk with God in that hard season, or if you have a friend who is there too, I’d love to share Prayer Starters with you. Prayer Starters: Talking with God about Hard Times launches today! Find out all the ways you can get a copy for yourself, and one for a friend here

My prayer is that this is a resource will encourage you, or a friend, in that difficult season, and that you’ll find yourself freely talking to God who loves you and wants to hear what is on your heart.

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