I have never done this, but I’m so excited!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things with you. I’m also giving away one of those favorite things. Let’s start with the giveaway!

  • Primrosia Acrylic Paint Pens

One of my favorite things to do is to Bible journal. I love reading a scripture, studying it, and then bringing it to life in the pages of my Bible. Maybe it’s a verse. Maybe it’s a story. It’s important that my pens do not bleed through the pages. The Primrosia set is gorgeous. The colors are vivid and do not bleed. The tip of each pen is fine which allows you to sweep color across the page with precision. To all my journal sisters, you will love these!

How can you enter to win this gift? Check out any of the links in today’s post. Comment below and share which one you love! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. 💕

  • Double-sided soft, fuzzy blanket

When I study, I love to curl up with my Bible, a favorite cup, my markers, and a warm, soft blanket. My grandkids love that I have a basket full of soft blankets. One of the issues I have with some blankets is that I’m long-legged so most are just too short. This blanket is the perfect length AND it’s double-sided, so I’m wrapped in cozy comfort no matter which way I toss it on the chair or couch. Check out this gorgeous blanket here.

  • Bath salts to help ease pain and promote sleep

I struggle with sleep. Sometimes that comes after a busy day where I’ve hiked or worked outside, and I ache. Taking a hot bath with bath salts designed to ease muscle aches AND help you sleep is the best medicine for me when that happens. I don’t care for perfumed salts, but do love this mixture of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. It soothes my skin and senses. Check out this natural brand here.

  • Prayer Starters: Talking with God about Hard Times

Why am I adding this? It’s because I’ve lived the pages of this book, and so are many of you. You are in a hard season, or have a friend who is there, and all you long to do is to tell God all the things on your heart. Those words can be hard to find, but the longing remains. Prayer Starters is grounded in scripture. Each prayer starter draws you to the truth of the Word and the truth that God is listening to every word you say, and every word you long to say.

Part prayer journal. Part power of the Word. Part creative connection with God. It’s unlike any other prayer book out there. It’s not a book about prayer, but a book that helps you connect with your Heavenly Father through prayer, right where you are. This is a perfect gift for you or a Christmas gift for a friend.

You can purchase this book for you or for a friend here.

Thanks for allowing me to share a few of  my favorite things.

I’d love to hear about your favorite things that you use when you study or worship or get alone with God. Remember to enter to win the gorgeous Primrosia acrylic pen set. Check out one link. Share which one and comment below. I’ll send out an announcement with the name of the winner next Monday!

Have an amazing day, friends.

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