I attended a book launch last night. The weather was stormy. Lightning cracked across the sky as I drove. Celebrating my friend, Lori Ann Wood, was worth the drive, but so were the words she spoke. In fact, they are still on my heart and mind. She said:

Some people think that doubt is the opposite of faith. It’s not. Indifference is the opposite of faith. If you are doubting, you are still in the game.

Lori knows this well. She was living life as normal when she unexpectedly discovered her heart was failing. She was physically fit. She was a mom to three teens. Her life was busy. She had symptoms, like fatigue and a chronic dry cough, but no idea that a virus had attacked her heart. A simple test revealed she was in trouble. A heart surgeon told her she was the sickest person he had ever seen. She was immediately sent out of state to a specialist. I wish I could say that Lori’s story is one of miraculous healing. Instead, it’s a story of trust. She has experienced miracles (she is still here), and also bad news. Up and down. Maybe you’re better. No, you’re not.  

Sometimes we hear these words: Your doubts are sin. Your doubts make you less than a strong believer.

Maybe you’ve told yourself some of these things.

But our doubts don’t dismay a big God. Our questions to him mean that we know we’re safe with him. Our doubts, our wrestling, our fears, our hopes, our moments of uncertainty — they are all part of our faith walk, especially when life takes a swift turn in an unexpected and unwanted direction.

I am still in the game. . .

That’s what I want you to say to yourself if you are doubting. Doubt says, I believe God listens, but I can’t feel that right now. It says, I believe God is with me, but I need to feel that tangibly. It says, I know I can tell God what is on my heart, good, bad, and ugly, and I’m so very grateful for that, so here we go, God.

Some of the most heroic people in scripture doubted and wrestled. And where did they turn with those doubts? To God.

This in itself is an incredible act of faith and strength.

The opposite of faith is not doubt; it’s indifference. That’s not you. And it’s not me.

Our doubts are safe in the shelter of his love. We are safe in the shelter of his love.

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