Have you been praying to feel closer to God?

What a beautiful prayer. I’ve prayed those same words when life was uncertain, or even when things were going well but I longed to hear from God. Today I want to share with you 5 Prayer Starter podcast episodes that may help you find the words you long to say to God.

As you listen, I want you to know that He loves you. He sees that desire and longs to talk to you too.

#1 – All of Me, Episode 313 – Giving all of ourselves to him, as God gives all to us. A prayer to help us bring our whole selves to God.

#2 – Life Changing Faith, Episode 309 — If you’ve believed your whole life that faith is just to keep you out of something, Jesus offers you faith that draws you into something beautiful. A prayer to rediscover that sweet news.

#3 – Sweeter than Honey, Episode 321 – Making time for God can be the most embattled areas of our faith. A prayer to find that sweetness again.

#4 – More Than a Thimble, Episode 307 – When our faith feels parched. A prayer for more than a drip or drop to pour out over your faith and heart.

#5 – Unshaken, Episode 305 – God is your Rock. He holds you close when life feels uncertain. A prayer for when life feels uncertain.

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