Are you counting the cost?

If I could describe this couple in one word it would be this: gentle. I don’t know what I expected because they’ve been in the public eye for such a long time, but what I walked away with was the very real struggle of two people trying to write their own story, rather than being a character in someone else’s.

Counting the Cost is the name of their book, but it’s also a theme many of you may recognize. When you try to dig deeper into faith and what you believe, that might scare those who love you. If you no longer believe the way someone else does, even though you’ve prayed and sought God and love him with your whole heart, there might be a cost. If you call out abuse, you might be seen as the one in the wrong. If you try to be yourself rather than what someone thinks you should be, that has a price.

As I read their book, one thing that struck me was the love Jill has for her family, even as she talks about some of the harder parts of leaving the reality show (19 Kids and Counting and later shows) and some of the hurtful discoveries she uncovered as an adult. This is not a tell-all book. It’s a book that understands we are all human, and none of us perfect. It’s about getting out of those things that might look and sound like Jesus, but aren’t necessarily Jesus at all.

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I also want to encourage you if you are counting the cost in any way. My prayer is that you hold tight to Jesus. My prayer is that you continue to love fiercely even as you fight for freedom. My prayer is discovery over discouragement. My prayer is hope rather than hustling to fill someone else’s vision of your story.

For you are worth it,

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This is more than a memoir. It’s a journey to find your own voice.

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