I read something the other day on social media from someone who has a huge following. The post shared a “sin” that women need to watch out for. As I watched women engage,I could almost see their angst and worry. Here it was. Another rule added to the long list.

My heart hurt. 

All throughout the New Testament, Jesus confronted those who created rules and more rules, making it almost impossible to live a life of faith. Those extra rules created a burden and even bondage, rather than the rest and freedom Jesus came to give.

Then Jesus said to the crowds, and to his disciples, “You would think these Jewish leaders and these Pharisees were Moses, the way they keep making up so many laws! And of course you should obey their every whim! It may be all right to do what they say, but above anything else, don’t follow their example. For they don’t do what they tell you to do. They load you with impossible demands that they themselves don’t even try to keep. Matthew 23:1-4 (Living Bible)

We will never be transformed from the outside in. Though all the extra rules may be designed to keep us “safe,” our relationship with Jesus is where we find freedom. As we follow him, as we listen for him, as we hold up our hearts and life to him, we are changed from the inside out. That may take time, and that’s okay, for it’s still miraculous.

When someone adds a rule to faith, take a moment and remember. . .

Remember grace.

Remember freedom.

Remember joy.

And put that burden down.

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