Imagine you are busy performing a task that you do every single day.

You might be thinking about your to-do list. You might be thinking about those at home. You might be wrestling with the heaviness of a family situation or asking yourself if there’s more that you are supposed to be doing.

And suddenly you hear someone say, “Come with me.”

It’s that man — the one everyone has been talking about. His name is Jesus. You look around, wondering if he’s talking to someone else but it’s clear that he’s talking to you. He’s the one that the religious authorities have been watching. They don’t like that he goes into the margins, seeing those that others avoid. They don’t like that he teaches and prays for people until the sun goes down. They don’t like that he ignores the hierarchy that’s always been in place, and that he eats with sinners, though their lives are changed as a result. They don’t like that men and women are talking about the miracles they have received, mind, body, spirit.

Yet the invitation stands. He’s waiting.

Will you say yes? How will your yes change you?

Those in the early church that said yes to Jesus’ invitation had no clue how it would change them, but history reveals it changed everything. The first invitation was “Come with me,” but those invitations continued. Jesus continued to show them new ways to think, new ways to love people, new ways to step out of their comfort zone of religion to experience relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Every single yes brought more growth, more insight, more transformation.

Was it easy? No. Was it an adventure? Absolutely. 

The invitations that changed the early church are still for us today.

We explore those in the new TogetHER study, 21 Invitations from Jesus that have the power to change you and your faith forever.

Invitations like:

  • Come as you are
  • Untangle your faith
  • Say yes, even if you previously said no way
  • Find healthy community
  • Become a giver
  • Cultivate compassion
  • Rest

And so many more. . . In this 95-page book, you’ll explore 21 invitations from Jesus. Daily, doable studies include a mind change, a heart change, a faith shift, and a prayer and practical way to live out these invitations in our real lives, right now, right where we are — and how that spills out into our homes, our communities, our world.

This study is perfect for individuals — just tuck in with your coffee each morning and spend a few moments, embracing the invitation for yourself. This study is deeply grounded in biblical truth, interactive, and invites you to open your heart and soul to wherever Jesus is leading you. It’s also perfect for small group studies.

This is brand new — just for you. My prayer is that you’ll walk away 21 days later, whispering yes to the invitations Jesus made then, and that are still for you today. And that, like the early church, you discover how saying yes changes you and your faith forever.

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21 Invitations from Jesus that have the power to change you and your faith forever

A study with Suzie

Hey friends, I want to invite you to join me as I host this study live in the TogetHER Community Bible Study Facebook group. We’d love to see you there. That study begins June 17th, giving you plenty of time to order your book and have it ready!

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