I almost lost my voice again, but I’m finding it.

Years ago I didn’t know what my voice was. I had to learn that my words were worthy of hearing. That what I thought held weight, even as I struggled to share them. But I found my voice and it was clear and strong and goofy sometimes. It looked like me, and it felt like a gentle confidence that came from a deep-rooted belief that I was loved by God. It did a healing work in my heart. And somehow, because this is who God  is, he allowed me to come alongside others as they found their voice too.

A few years back, events started chipping at my voice again. To be honest, I didn’t know it was taking place. It was subtle and over time. I hadn’t lost my voice with my closest friends or family, or even my voice in writing, but with my Heavenly Father. I brought all of myself to him but the parts that were doubting. I knew that I am welcome in his presence. I knew that God already sees, hears, and understands what is in my heart and loves me still. But to express doubt, in whatever capacity, felt uncertain.

After all, shouldn’t I trust? Shouldn’t I walk in faith?

As I wrote my latest TogetHER study, 21 Invitations from Jesus, I sat with Day One’s invitation which is, “Come as you are.” Contrary to what we are often taught, there was no formula from Jesus in this invitation. No sinner’s prayer, as we know it. No “do this first” instructions. He simply invited them to come as they were — sinner, religious, tormented by demons, sitting in a tax collector’s booth, grimy from a day of fishing, skeptical, blind, outcast, respected, desperate — and when they said yes, they were forever changed. Not in that moment for many of them, but from that moment for all of them. 

So just this past week I said yes to that invitation for myself. I sat in a quiet place and I shared all the doubts. All the uncertainties. All the things that I had tucked away, hoping they’d disappear in a wisp like smoke over a snuffed candle. There’s no place more safe than in the refuge of our Heavenly Father’s presence. There’s no place more healing. We might walk away with answers when we share our doubts, but if not, we  walk away knowing whose we are, and that our voice is always heard when we bring it to him, and there’s beauty in that.

So, this is your invitation too. Bring your whole self to him — doubts, wrestling, uncertainties, joy, belief, frustration — every drop of it. Come as you are, sweet friend, into his presence. Because when we come as we are, it’s confidence in his character, rather than our own. It’s a belief that lament, doubt, wrestling is done in the most safe, sacred place that exists, and that he meets us there.

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A 21-day study

The Summer Together study begins today, but there is still a seat just for you! Join me in the TogetHER community and Bible study group on Facebook and jump right into this 21-day study. Here’s some details to help you get started:

Where: TogetHER Community and Bible Study

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Resource: 21 Invitations from Jesus — that have the power to change you and your faith forever (Kindle or paperback version)

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