It was early.

I woke up this morning in the quiet of my house, slipped out of bed to the living room and wrapped myself in a soft throw.

There, I simply sat in the stillness.

I’ve been in a busy season and quiet moments are rare. My mind often races to match the pace of my life. To be honest, I wanted to fill that silence up with words or a prayer about things pressing on my heart. Instead I sensed my Heavenly Father asking me to remain quiet.

That’s when this scripture became real.

He bends down to listen to you. To me.

As I sat in silence, my words never came, and yet he heard every word I didn’t say. He heard how much I loved him. He heard me as I placed my life and ministry and family in his hands. He listened as I found peace just sitting in his presence.

Gratitude flooded my heart. Those feelings of thankfulness were as genuine a prayer as I could have shared with my loving Father.

He bends down to listen to you.

Sit with him. Don’t be afraid of the silence.

Let all your cares fall away, if only for a moment, and be filled.


Sometimes we just don’t have the words.

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