Just let go.

Has anyone ever said that to you? It can be hard to hear, especially when you’ve been trying to let go for a long time.

In our study scriptures, Simon let go of a lot of things.

He let go of excuses. 

He let go of “how it’s always been.”

He let go of the cultural definition of success. 

He let go of his view of religion.

He let go of the familiar to follow Jesus. 

That’s a lot of letting go. 

Do you sense God saying, “Let go, sweet daughter?”

Maybe the biggest problem you’ve had with letting go is that you don’t know what it means.

Letting go is giving up what is beyond your control to embrace what you can. 

You can’t control unexpected circumstances or change, but you do have influence over the way you view life in the midst of it.

You can’t control negative people, but you do have influence as you choose joy.

You can’t control or change your past, but you do have influence as you move toward healing whether anyone else signs up or not.

These are the places where God works in us big.

Can you truly let go?

With this definition, yes you can!


Write down what you have been trying to control. 

Q: Which of these cannot be controlled by you? (It might be a person, a situation, an unexpected change in health, a move, your past, etc.)

Q: Describe how trying to control things out of your control creates frustration?

Now, list those things that are within your influence.  

Q: What might change as you focus on those only?

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